Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Once more around the sun ...

I'm feeling good today because it's my birthday, but also because this is my last week of work until January! However, I've got way too much to finish off before I go on holiday -- and I won't have internet access for much of the next month.

Yesterday, I bought myself a long-promised present: In the past I've borrowed a friend's surf-ski and kayak, and have already done some open water paddling (to Rottnest and in a leg of the Donnybrook marathon). There was a special on at Mainpeak Paddlesports so I now own a yellow Ouassou, along with roofracks for the car so that I can actually use it. I expect that Katya and Ben will also have great fun paddling too, both over at Rottnest and on the Swan River.

Karen and kids bought me a hammock -- which is the perfect present for me -- to fit on the poles I recently had installed in our back garden. Presently, it's a little high, but I'll fix this shortly.

Tonight, I'm going out to a special Vegetarian Wine Dinner with a group of friends that also have December birthdays. I love Cullens wines so I'm looking forward to this.

On Saturday morning I'm heading over to Rottnest for 10 days swimming, paddling, just in time to take part in my 4th Swim Thru Rottnest. I'll be taking the hammock to Rottnest so that I can lie in it on the balcony, overlooking Longreach Bay.

On December 18 I fly to Taiwan to give a talk at ATCM 2007. I've not been to Taiwan before so this should be a novel experience.

Returning to Perth for a family Christmas at our place -- with my brother, sister, and my nieces, one of whom is over from San Diego -- on Boxing day we head down to the family beach house at Melros and stay there until January 3. I should be fully relaxed and recovered from what has been a busy, tiring, but rewarding year.