Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Polymath Project

Found Michael Nielsen's introduction to the Polymath Project most interesting.

To laugh, or not to laugh

I can only assume that Microsoft’s official guide to humor is a joke. But, then again, maybe not.

Silence is Purple

Anyone see this add in the Weekend Australian? Silence is Purple (particularly apt this weekend after a good Dockers win) informs 4.7 million Australian phone users that
Registrations for the Do Not Call Register, setup in May 2007, last for three years. Consumers who listed their numbers during the first month need to re-register now to avoid their numbers being automatically removed from the register.
This prompted me to send ACMA the following comment:
The Do Not Call Register legislation and policy is silly. It should be an opt-in policy; phone users should not have to renew every three years. A survey of Australian phone users would overwhelmingly support an opt-in policy, rather than this time-limited opt-out policy. It is a political compromise with the telemarketing industry, not a solution to an ongoing and irritating problem.