Monday, 11 April 2011

Who is Joseph Gora?

Joseph Gora is an academic who has written a number of amusing posts about the current state of academia in Australia. Well, they would be funny if they weren't so true.

I wonder who is Joseph Gora? According to his articles he is, variously, described as
  • an academic at a large metropolitan university
  • the pseudonym for a lecturer in a university somewhere in regional Australia
  • a disaffected academic at one of Australia’s ‘leading’ universities
  • someone who lectures at a metropolitan university and writes for publications across the higher education sector.
Here are links to some of his articles in The Australian:
In Campus Review it says:
Joseph Gora tells Campus Review he is working on a satirical book about Australian universities and would like to invite our readers to contribute. Anonymously of course. He would like to hear your perceptions of the daily grind, the funny and not so funny things that occur in universities. What’s it like being an academic in today’s university? Is it fun, or not, and why? What are some of the more quirky, strange, odd, bizarre things that you have experienced?
Should be a good read ...

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