Monday, 2 May 2016

In same-sex marriage: corporate bosses push questionable agenda, Angela Shanahan makes a number of questionable statements:
What would we think if Catholic organisations were to provide only to Catholics those services they now provide in the community? What if church organisations employed only Catholics?
What would we think if Catholic organisations, such as St John of God Health Care, were to take Government money to run a hospital and then not provide required services such as pregnancy terminations or contraception services, including vasectomies and IVF because of its religious values?
What if Catholics, or Muslims, ran organisations that virtually forced their employees and those doing business with them to profess the tenants of Catholicism, or at least not express any contrary position if they wanted to be promoted? Sounds wacky, but it used to happen in this country, and in Muslim countries it still does.
Actually, it can and still does happen in this country. Angela should read the document Catholic Intellectual Life for Prospective Staff, which is required reading for all job applicants at Notre Dame University. In particular, the current University of Notre Dame Australia Staff Enterprise Agreement requires that
7.1 All Staff Members agree to support the ethos of the University and respect the values and teachings of the Catholic Church.
and implies complete discretion on the issue of promotion:
27.5.3 The University retains the right to determine, in accordance with the Classification Descriptors in Schedule 1: c) The criteria for appointment at, or promotion to, all positions and categories of positions;
Perhaps Shanahan should re-visit her position on Telstra and Qantas...